jGrouseDoc Filter

The jGrouseDoc Filter in JS/UML parses JavaScript based on jGrouseDoc style commented JavaScript.


  • packages are created from the relative path from the source root to the given source file, followed by the specified @namespace tag


  • classes are defined with the @class tag. Notation: @class [{modifiers}] name

  • classes can be designated as abstract with the abstact modifier. Example: @class {abstract} MyClass

  • superclasses can be designated with the @extends tag


  • defined, named nad typed by the @property tag. Notation: @property {[modifiers] Type} name

  • visibility restricted via modifier private or protected


  • defined and named by the @method and @function tags. Notation: @function {[modifiers] ReturnType} name

  • support for static and abstract via modifiers

  • visibility restricted via modifiers private or protected

  • @param tags define parameter names and types