YUIDoc Filter

The YUIDoc Filter in JS/UML parses javascript that follows the conventions of the YUI library. Using this filter all information about all model elements comes from tagged values in the comments preceding code elements.

For example:

 * @method queueProperty
 * @param {String} key      The name of the property
 * @param {String} value    The value to set the property to
 * @return {Boolean}        true, if the set was successful, false if it failed.

JS/UML uses a subset of these tagged values to build the model as described below.


  • Classes are denoted by the @class tag, followed by the class name.

  • The @namespace element defines the namespace for all class names declared thereafter in the same file


  • defined and named by the @property tag


  • defined and named by the @method tag

  • @param tags define parameter names and types

  • the @return tag defines the return type