JS/UML JavaScript Filters

The Problem

When modeling JavaScript code in an API metamodel such as UML we need to ask ourselves the following kinds of questions:

  • Which objects in our code to we want to consider classes in our model?

  • How are the objects in the code namespaced?

  • Which properties and operations of a class are public and which are private? Which are static?

  • What are the actual data types of our properties and method arguments?

Because JavaScript does not natively support such features as strong data types, packaging conventions and modifiers such as public/private/static, we need to use cues from the code, as well as associated comments, to answer these questions and produce the sort of API metadata one would expect to see in a UML model.

Unfortunately there are almost as many conventions for expressing this metadata as there are JavaScript libraries. In order to support as large a codebase as possible, JS/UML attempts to support the parsing of several of these libraries. Click on a filter name to see its current support.

Currently Supported Filters

Coming soon